cleaning day

So I tried to study today, but for some reason I couldn’t find my books. So I decide to clean up my room so I could go and find my stuff. My room isn’t that dirty, but I do stuff a lot of things into a box, that i call the “prize” box.

My sister likes to come into my room and take my stuff. So I’m opening up some boxes that have not been open up and begin to throw pens and stuff away. Then I found all these cool little goodies in the box. I found several micromachines, and megatron, and books like “Peter Rabbit”, and “ABIYOYO”. All these cool things.

Then I decide to clean up another room. So There are several boxes in the closet, and I take it out and start throwing away old trash in there, and broken toys. Then my sister comes by, and starts taking out the photos that are in boxes and putting some in the photo album. There’s a boatload of pictures in these boxes, I saw pictures that brought great memories back. Because I know people like pictures, I’ll upload the first 3 photos that i find.

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