no car

as you know, I don’t have a car back home. So today I was sitting around lounging, when i looked at my cell phone and saw that i had a message. So I walk around the house looking for a signal, and I couldn’t find one. So eventually, I just walked out in front of my garage door, and sat indian style in front of my driveway. I must have freaked out some cars. I think next time I’ll just stand in the grass carrying a hose. That would look more normal.

So as I was listening to the message, this company called Sonarus called me, they wanted to know if i was still interested in doing an internship with them. I almost didn’t remember who they were, because I think i had sent my resume to a friend of mine who knew them 3 weeks ago. That guy never sent me back a response, so I didn’t think I would get an interview. So I just pick up the phone today and call back and they had just picked up my resume today. And wanted me to go have an interview.

So I ran all over the house trying to get a ride to plesanton. So it took a while, but I ended up getting Edris to drive me to BART, because he was going to berkeley. So I took Bart to plesanton, and walked 2 blocks down the street to the company. It felt just like college, except there was no one else walking. So I felt out of place.

The company was interesting, they make a biosopy device that checks for breast cancer, and also they have a device that treats the brest cancer. It was a very relaxed interview. They didn’t really ask me those questions that I had always tried to practice, like what are your strength and weaknesses. So that was nice.

Finally, I had told edris that I would go to berkley and wait for him, but for some reason Edris left, and I had forgotten my cell phone in my house. So I sat at the Berkeley Bart station for 1 hour waiting for Edris. He had left 3 minutes before I got there, because i accidentally took the bart to el cerrito. For some reason, I thought they would announce “downtown Berkeley”, but they only announced berkeley so I got confused and stayed in the train.

I did make it back to the Castro Valley Bart station later. It was interesting, because I went to the pay phone to call my mom, and my mom said that Edris had called. So she said she would call them to see if they were going to pick me up. So they came and picked me up. And we went to Stoneridge because Vin had to buy an adapter for his mac laptop. Inside the mac store we sat around on the little kids computer playing the spongeBob typing tutor game. It was great, Edris and I had a typing contest to see who could type the fastest. We started a new game so we only had “a s d f” letters to type. And I think I type slower when i’m typing a s d f when compared to real words. I think I type 40 wpm using only those 4 letters compared to 55 wpm typing read words. I think its because I type the words “the, he, she, them” really fast so it makes up for my slowness everywhere else.

We then kicked the soccer ball around on the street. Because it was dark, the soccer ball looked like a black blob, so I would miss the ball once in a while. And for one of them, I ran into the grass to pick up the ball. And once i walked into the grass, I heard the sound of water, and then next thing I know, I’m getting sprayed by the sprinklers. So i ran out, and we ended up playing in the middle of the street.

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