Visiting Friends

So today I did some house cleaning as it was raining then edris came over and we went to Big 5 because he wanted to buy some weights . So we were in big 5 and looking at the stuff they had there. Then we come and see the tennis rackets and edris says “wow, how come these rackets cost more then the custom made one i had”. So we started taking down the 280 dollar rackets and testing them. Edris said “hey andrew, why don’t we take out one of these tennis ball and have a rally inside big 5. But we didn’t. I like how they have such great advertising on these rackets saying “advanced iq racket” and other info.

I then went to edris’s place. Edris was driving his aunts car and they have a gps system in the car and he was showing me how if you drag that arrow you can have the car lead you to the middle of the pacific ocean. So he pulled the arrow across the map to the ocean and as we drove to his house the car would say “turn left here,”.

I ate edris’s food at his house. His food tasted like the same food i would eat at my house. Except the chicken had more of a curry flavor to it.

We went to pick up a philly cheese steak because edris had 10 stamps on his cheese steak card, and we were driving through castro valley high school, and when we looked at all the students walking around we were thinking “wow, all these students look really small” And the high school looks really different now, they have a new entrance to the school and 4 more new buildings. Its like a totally different school then the one i went to. Maybe on friday we will go through campus.

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