cleaning my room

So i’m back at my house now. I”m just looking around my room, because my parents and sister puts my stuff on the desk. So i just found my diary from 92-93. I found that diary, but i can’t find my other ones right now. I was trying to find my red notebook that i’ve been using lately for my diary. I just opened up my diary to see what i wrote. I’ll give you an excerpt

[sic] “4/20/92 Today at school it was fun because me and the class went to the computer lab we play easy lodg and it was fun to me and when it was time to going to sicean we went in . We talked about recyclin, compost, and landfill. and we had a paper that we right on we could draw or write I drewed and write, and we had a a super time”

Hahaha, Its kind of interesting reading what i did back then. I couldn’t spell well in 2nd grade. Whats nice is reading somed of my old journals from 4-5 years ago when i was in high school. I would read it and say “wow, I was stressed out about that?” Then i would laugh with myself.

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