So Edris,Conal and I went down to UCLA to visit vinesh. It was hilarious how it all worked out. I thought edris was going to leave at 5:00 am. So conal was at my house at 5:00am. We were both tired and waiting for edris and he wasn’t here. so we call his uncles house at 5:30am. And his uncle picks up the phone, and i talk to edris and he tells me he has been up since 4:00am studying and his uncle and grandparents are watching tv. So early. So i tell him is he goign to drive because we were going to drive his mom’s rental car. So we found out 10 minutes later that edris could not drive the car because the rental car was not in his name.

We then go to doug’s place for breakfast and there we called vinesh, and … I’ll finish this later, i have to go.

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