Stuff I learn about myself

I just finished studying for the day for the PE test. Wow, what a different this studying is from the other studying i did the first time i took the test. I did mostly breath, now I’m doing depth. By taking 3 hours per questions to really figure out how to do it. All the stuff I learned in college is slowing coming back to me. Like I’m unlocking a storage. Most interesting thing is that the way Im’ doing the problems seems so familiar like how I use to do it. Same about of “Hmm, and What?” then I look at it and go “Ah, makes sense”.

So what have I learned about myself, I think I pick up a lot of stuff from my parents growing up. I was sitting there going “why am I not as anxious about not having this item”. Then I see my mom worry about things, and a lot of the stuff that she does worry about, I guess it doesn’t phase her as much. Must have picked that up from my mom. Anyways, there are a lot of things that I worry about, and I might not show it as much as other people. I know it must irk a friend or two of mine off becuase they go “you are always so happy, I want to see a sad side of you”. =( I think most of my calmness I learned a lot from my friend in college. He always calmed me down before my tests, and told me “you won’t worry about this in eternity in heaven”. So I have learned to obtain that “closer” mentaility. Where if I fail yesterday, I have to forget it and try a new.

Okay, well i guess i’m still slightly sick because i have dry coughs. But that is better than phlegm filled ones. =)

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