Loose Change and Using it

This weekend, I got my smartphone. Guess that the first few things I do? I go and download every app I think I would ever want. Start by going to PCMAG, then look up the top 30 apps for an android phone. What I understand now, is how easy it is to spend a dollar or two trying out an app. I ended up getting 3-4 apps.
I had to get that one game Doug, and Neil love on the xbox. The “Impossible Game”, http://www.flukedude.com/theimpossiblegame/. The music is what makes the game, even though I have downloaded the MP3 to the game, I just play it because when i get farther, the music gets more dramatic. Like my own epic journey, too bad, after 120 tries, I was only going around 1/4 of the way before losing. =)

At work, sometimes the IT guy has to buy old computers for parts. Recently he bought an old computer for 45 dollars, pops open the CD Drive, and out comes this wonderful game. Which he decides to give to me, so sitting on my desk now is a copy of Brood Wars, with my terminal blocks. =) Too bad I don’t have StarCraft, because I can’t install the expansion without the original. =(

Onto the topic of the day. I decided to try out my celphone by going to Panera Bread (I was going to Toys R Us, but I didn’t want to end up buying a toy from walking around). Anyway, I usually try to get rid of my coins in my car by paying with cash. When I come out of the car, I usually try to take out 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 4 pennies. That way I should have enough to pay for any coin given. Ordered a half and half, and it came out to be $7.43. That isn’t too hard, 1 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 3 pennies, but for some reason I was sitting there with the coins in my hand having a hard time figuring it out. So I decided to just give the lady a 10, and put the coins back into my pocket. I think she was confused for a moment too, because she looked at me as if I was going to give her coins, but I didn’t. All I did was smile back at her =). So instead of using up 43 cents, i got 57 cents back in change. =(. But I do love the meters in SF, because they absorb the coins so fast, like feeding a blob, or a hungry college male.

To end the night, I am still coughing. Its a dry cough now, so that is a good sign. Stuck out my tongue, and it looks natural. So thank you God, I think I should be good tomorrow. No more coughing, my co-worker was between me and the panel builder who was coughing today. He quickly moved out from the middle. =)

Thanks to vinesh, the waywayway back machine has found one blog from editthispage.com

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