If i had not play as much video games

I was talking to vinesh today online, as we were playing some video games online. Thinking about, if we never played some of the MMO’s and tower defense games on friday nights in college. What would have happened, if I had actually taken that time to figure out how to use those opensource game engines, or just made random programs. I bet we would have had something done.
Which brings me to tonight, I decided that I should at least learn how to program apps for the droid, because I found out that I don’t really enjoy making webpages as much as I did as a kid. Mostly because there is just so much you have to do now, especially with a back end and a front end. I don’t have the time to really keep up with sql and changing data. So my goal is once i take my PE test is to make an app, and the first one will be a Graceland App, so everyone that goes to young adult fellowship that has a android phone will never miss out on knowing what the theme and info for that night is. =).
As for me today, I woke up so dehydrated. I drank whatever was in the waterbottle next to me. When I was at work I dressed up in layers, and my co-workers said I looked sliglhtly swollen under my cheeks. Which I decided it was a good enough reason to go home sick , so I didn’t infect them.At 9am, I leave the office to go home and sleep.

When I woke up from my nap, I was sweating, my body felt tired, but it felt much better. Kind of like in spiderman 1, when tobey mcguire’s character’s body when through a change at night. It felt like I lost 3 pounds, my abs felt sore like they were worked out by all my coughing, and my face looked much leaner without the swolleness.

My funny story of the day. I decided to try to throw more stuff out of my room, things that I thought I might use but never did.

  • Ring making kits for 8 year old kids
  • Clay and mesh
  • random parts from broken stuff that I kept, because i thought i would use it for my robot (more obscure items)
  • Cables for some cell phone that I had in college
  • old cds that I had no idea what they were used for

I was going to throw away my 7th grade hockey stick (the blade has been taken off), however when I touch that stick, one thought just popped into my head. All I kept on thinking of was in Turtles Tournament Fighters, how Dontello would use his stick to hit up his opponent. I really wanted to throw it away, but I couldn’t shake the image of dontello beating foot soldiers with it, and how I might one day get to use my stick and beat something up with it too. So I do have a slight sadistic hope that I one day meet a cat burgular, so I can chase him down and introduce him to my hockey stick. =)

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