Saturday Fun

This morning, I made a quick stop at the office to drop the valentines cards off on my co-workers desk. Zach got 2 cards, because he was the one that didn’t want the cards the most. So he gets more from me.

Well, I would write more, but I did meet up with a person today. Since I don’t really like to write about any of my meet up with girls or dates today will be short and sweet. But I will say I did do around 20 magic tricks today (which could mean either a good or bad thing). I’m not saying either way, but if you know me, you will mostly likely know what that means. Hint: Doing a lot of tricks means I’m doing a lot of work.

I was at PikaPika taking those japanese style pictures. Asdf, there is so much stuff to choose and it is all in japanese. Except for the few pages that are hanging aroudn that have english translations of it. I actually really enjoyed the photobooth that had the monkey bars. Guess what I did in one picture, i hung upside down.

What i also notice, if i do my magic tricks in a certain way, I get get other peoples attention, then they watch too. An old couple that was sitting next to me while eating saw me do a trick and were talking about it to me. It is kind of fun messing with the perception in peoeple’s mind.

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