Pliny the Younger

Well, I guess you already know what this post is about. The beer not the roman but that is what i’m going to talk about that I missed yesterday. So yesterrday after work, my co-worker convinced me to go drink “pliny the younger” from russian river. Only comes seasonally, and they were tapping one at 5pm. We usually go to the hopyard on tuesday, but today was thursday. We have the same 3 waiter/waitresses so they knew why we were there today. The guy comes up and says “so you want 3 pliny the youngers”.

Only bad thing that we don’t do is really get to know them and their name. Haha, and i’m not allowed to flirt with the waitress, because my co-worker doesn’t want us to go back on a bad list. One of our previous engineer messed it up for us, so we got less raffle tickets on pint night for almost 2 months.

My favorite thing that happened today was that there is a miscommunications between the PM and the engineers. The Office Manager told the PM to say that I was being pulled from the office and being thrown out to help out at Pixar. This is okay, if they tell me at least a day in advance. However, they didn’t, the PM just left a message on my company cell phone at 6:45pm. (I don’t bring my phone home, =P) Telling me he needed me out at Pixar at 6am the next day, I see there is a second message this morning and he said “don’t go out to pixar, disregard my call”. So I call him back to tell him i didn’t even get the message until I walked into hte office at 7:30am. He was so relievd. =P

At work we are trying to make engineering t-shrits that say “You don’t schedule me! (with a big finger pointing out) I schedule me! (thumb pointing back”, after that incident today. It is going to be a riot.

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