Chicken Nuggets and Basketball

My epic meal today was at lunch. I had chruch noodels, and then I went for 20 piece chicken mcnuggets and an oreo shake. Guess what I did after eating those. …. I played basketball with my friends. 5 games of basketball after that. I’m not sure how I even survived some of those games. But I was still pretty fast, as one of the people we were playing against commented. Saying “wow, i was afraid of your speed”. So from my thinking, I can now corrolate “chicken nuggets == faster speed”. Then I go home and have to use the restroom, because of the impact of those foods.

I also did accountability with Doug, and our choice of place today was not a coffee shop because i just finished basketball. We ended up at safeway, because there was seatings in there for the starbucks and jamba juice. So we go into safeway to buy the small simply juice bottles and do our meeting there. Also got the car wash logistics stuff down.

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