hot day

I finally took the bandage off my hand, and put it mostly in the splint. And its kind of weird touching the skin underneath my finger.

So with my finger still on the mend, I played some catch with Jon. Since I can’t hold the ball with my pinky, I hold the ball more on my fingertips. So when I throw it, the ball moves a lot, and sometimes flies. Its interesting knowing how important my pinky is when I throw a baseball.

Today was really hot. I was sweating just walking around campus, and as I was driving home I saw my lab partner. So I yelled at him if he wanted a ride. He didn’t recognize my car, and thought I was someone who was just really mad and yelling on a cell phone. I had to call his name 2x, before he finally got a ride. And I could tell he was really hot, because he had taken off his shirt while walking to his car which was about another mile away.

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