walking everywhere

I walked a lot this weekend. San Luis Obispo is small, so they have a really small budget for public transportation. So these buses usually only come by once every half an hour on weekdays, and 1 hour on weekends.

Quick recap. I finally went to the mail box and picked up my mailbox key. It takes a long time for the bus to drive all the way to the other side of town. Then I get off with my backpack, walk into the post office and come back out in 5 minutes. Then I walk back to the bus stop and wait for the bus. There are times like these when I wish I was doing more then one errand. Because It took me 45 minutes to get to the promenade area, and I only stayed around for 5 minutes and then have to wait 30 minutes for the next bus. Then the 30 minute ride back. =(

Then the next day I had to wash my clothes. And I live in a condo, and since the complex isn’t owned by a single person, there is no common washer dryer in the area. So I decided to walk to the laundromat. And it gets tiring walking 5 blocks carrying clothes in a clothes bag. Its kind of expensive washing clothes at a laundromat, compared to the ones when i lived in the dorm. It cost 2 dollars in quarters to wash my load. And I didn’t have a big load, so i just mixed all my whites and colors together and washed it cold. Then I had to put my clothes in the dryer, and those machines don’t work too well, unless you put in one dollar. Because each quarter only gave me 8-10 minutes in the dryer. And it didn’t even feel warm when it came out. So i just folded all the clothes and brought it back to my room. And put it in the closet, and for some reason, my walk-in closet dries clothes really well.

My roommate Tom has moved into hte storage closet. Its interesting how he was able to fit boxes into there and a chair. So a look in the small closet shows you two walls with boxes, and chair in the back, and a sleeping bag in the middle. And that is how we fit him all in there. As long as there is no earthquake, we will be safe.

Today Chris Kearny gave me a ride to church. And we talked about many things on the way to and fro. And we were in a giving mood, in front of Food for less they were having a cup drive for the homeless shelter. Chris bought some cups to donate to them. Then as i was sitting down in my room after we came back some kids were selling candy for youth crime prevention. So i bought the candy, but I know the candy wouldn’t be that great. So I had a bad of gummy bears, and I open it and see that all the gummies had melted and congolmerated into a giant gummy smorgasbord. Since i didn’t want to throw it away, I just sat there and ate it. Kind of nasty, but tasty at the same time.

Some guys at AACF had organized a softball game at Simsheinmer Park. And they asked me to come play, so I decided to go play. When the AACF picnic was at Simsheinmer Park, Marc had driven me. And he had told me that it was only 2-3 miles away from our place. Since I don’t have a car, I had a choice of either taking the car or walking. So I look at the bus schedule, and it ran only 3 routes on sunday. So it would waste a lot of time to take the bus and transfer. So at 3:00 I decide to walk to the park, in my mind 3 miles would not take too long. I must have forgot that I would be walking, because 3 miles isn’t too long if I was running. So I leave at 3:00 and start walking, and its far and long. I got to First Baptist Church after walking for 35 minutes, and then 15 minutes later I end up at Simsheimmer Park. So it took me a whooping 50 minutes to get to the park. I think if i ran I could have gotten there in 25-30 minutes.
I told Alby that I walked from my condo, and he said something to the effect “that’s really far”. I’ve learned several things. I should just run from place to place, because I would get to my destination in half the time and get in a workout at the same time.

And I managed to tactifully get my freshman roommate to wash his own dishes. So I go upstairs and he’s left his dishes in the sink. That would be kind of hard to get on him until the dishes get really high and you can’t use the sink. So I know that had the ladels and a pot, because they are lying right next to the stove with the remains of cheese on the side of the pot. I wasn’t going to use the ladel, but I needed a reason to get him to wash his own dishes. So I found a reason to use the ladel. Once I had that done, I saw him watching tv and I asked him if he knew if the ladels were clean because I wanted to use it. So I see him walking over and he looks at the ladels and goes and washes them. Then I also tell him along the way that his dishes are starting to make it hard for me to wash the pots and pans. So the next day he goes and washes his own dishes….

Finally, about those checks for hte bills I had sent out. I never did find them, I had talked to Prof Yong because I thought I left it in his room, but it wasn’t there. So I really don’t know where they are. I just hope some nice person picked up my envelops and put them into a mailbox for me. And I learn lesson number 2 here, if something is really important, it better be done first, or else it might be forgotten or something wrong will happen along the way and cause trouble.

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