Its rainy, so I don’t leave my place until the rain subsides.

So I went to my 7 am class today. And when I left the class, I walked back to my room. On my way back to my room, I usually walk towards the bus stop. So as i’m walking towards the bus stop, I see a lot of people walking away from the bus stop. And this is more then usual. Then I remember that it is the 8’o clock bus, and a lot of students start class at 8 am. So I was the only one walking in the opposite direction in a sea of students.

For my ME class I was expecting YC as my professor. I was so excited, because I wanted to prove him wrong. Just because he’s the type of professor who makes fun of everyone in class, especially if you go to his office hours. this quarter i was prepared to make him eat crow. But now I have a teacher, who seems to be kind of new to teaching (last time he taught was around 8-10 years ago). So the teacher is kind of bland, and not really organized. And to top it off, my class is right next to the clock that makes the chime. And for 7am, it chimes once every 15 minutes. So I have to listen to the bell 3 times throughout class.

I had a weird dream last night, I think i was playing a game. But there was this giant ant that i tried to flush down the sink. It actually looked like a giant resistor with 6 legs. So I would throw water and it would fall into the drain, but then come back out. More water would go and it would fall back in. Eventually, I got tired and just closed the sink drain so it couldn’t come out.

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