i’m tired

It was a crazy weekend at UCLA. I’m really tired from the event. I think I got 10 hours total over the whole weekend. And vinesh and them called me a panther,because I would awake when they talked to me. So it looked like i never slept.

When we left at midnight friday morning, I had to go pick up edris. We got to the gate and talked to the guy at the gate and he said “hmm, you’ve been here before”. And it got us all confused, but we went in. So edris lives on a street that has no street sign. Its like a little path that leads out from this side road on at the end of the court. Really confusing especially at night.

So our drive down to UCLA was very eventful. We were driving on 5 and talking. Then Edris was saying “hmm, i don’t think we should have driven so late at night. There could be something on the road. Then 5 minutes later, we are all looking out the road, and this really cute coyote in a golden coat was on the road. And it was kind of surreal, and we were all silent and we just ran that coyote over. (Well edris did swerve a little to the side, but we were going to fast to stop or move all the way around) So it kind of made a big bump, and we joked about that coylote for hte rest of the drive.

I was at vinesh’s place, and we just slept on the ground with blankets. I think on friday we went for omelettes, and then at night we drove to Think Bistro. And the thing about this place was that Edris, and conal found it last time by driving along the coast. They drove along the coast for so long they arrived at San Pedro ( near long beach port). And the lady at the small resturant remembered them from the last time. It was because last time, they were all amazed that edris and them found that place, so far from UCLA.

And on Saturday, we somehow drove around, and eventually landedat At Las Vegas. And that is one long drive, and we were driving fast too. It took around 5 hours. And what did we find out. That you can’t really enjoy vegas that much for only half a day.

Tomorrow, I start classes at 7 am. And i have so many jokes from “the office” going through my mind right now.

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