I’m fatigued right now. I played basketball for the first time in 3 months at the rec center. And i was really slow and tired. I played a game of 2 on 2, and I could only go through half the game before becoming fatigued.

It sucks, because I usually play with more energy, so I noticed it. I was always one step slow, and I didn’t have a burst. So I was trying to run around someone, and I was thinking, “easy, he’s big and a little slow”, but as i was running around him I didn’t have the energy to burst around him. Then i knew i would be in trouble for the whole night. So somehow I played 5 full court games, and I don’t know how i did it.

I also need to buy new basketball sneakers, because I was sliding. Or it could have been the court was really slippery tonight, because I felt like I was on ice.

So in my lab today my teacher went through a lot of stuff. It looks like my design lab is going to be a lot of work.

And also from the bball game I got cramps on both calfs. So it stays with me for the rest of the night. And I cramped it again while I was taking off my shoe. I was standing there pulling my foot out, and a surge of pain goes through my body. Then I stop, drop, and stretch. My roommate turns around and looks at me funny ,because it was silent all of a sudden I go “ooh, ahh ahh ahh ahh” and fell to the floor. Then i pulled the other claf while standing up to watch my roommate play on his snes. =

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