When it rains really hard outside I don’t really want to wake up. So i kept on sleeping today until noontime. Then i woke up and it was all sunny. I think it was pouring at 9:00am, because i saw my roommate all stuffed up like a pillow going to class.

So I’ve been writing an essay for philosophy. My topic I chose was whether the US should engage in targeted assassinations of foreign heads of states. This topic took me a long time to write. I wish writing was a short process, but it takes such a long time.

What makes it hard to type and play guitar is that i cut my index finger. I don’t remember if i wrote about it. But on thursday after my lab, I came back and found that my spacers were too big, so I decided to cut them with my knife. These are plastic spacers that take a while to cut, and i was afraid of cutting myself. And bam, it slips off the spacer and i slice a little bit of the tip of my index finger. It didn’t hurt for a moment. Then all of a sudden i felt the pain, and saw the blood rushing out like a fountain. My roommate looked at me funny as jumped up and down without screaming in pain (because it doesn’t take the pain away, and i don’t want to make my roommate panic like I killed someone). So anyways, with my finger its hard to type with it because its tender on the clotted part. So I type with 3 fingers on my left hand as much as possible.

My friends like to joke with me all the time. So when I cook, I’m cook really good. I helped my roommate make good tasting costco chicken. He told me how his chicken always came out dried. And I helped him cook it once and it tasted great. So my freshman roommate and closet roommate call me “master chef”. So at the sister’s appreciation thing, I had made the brownie. So I was talking to some Becca and Diane and they were asking who made the brownies. And I said I did, or something. Then I went and said “my roommates call me “masterchef”, and right at this time Arthur comes by and says “get out of here, andrew, and then goes on to tell Becca, “they call me “master chief”. I could not help but laugh at that, then Arthur walked away.

Then i was looking at digg.com because vinesh was telling me how mozilla made 72 million dollars last year from firefox. Its because they get paid everytime you use the google search built into firefox.

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