Pottery Results


This week was the last week of the fall class of pottery. So we were able to pick up all the items we glaze.


What we focused on for our fall class was hand building. The pottery teacher Bill Russell wanted us to be able to have things built and hand building would be the easiest to have items done after 10 weeks. I made some plates, but sherri made a lot of push plates. Where you flatten a piece of clay and you put a texture on top of it, and cut out a square.

While I was working a lot on making pinch pots, and turning those into a goblet/chalice. A pinch pot is just a piece of clay rolled up into a ball. Then using your thumb you stick it into the center of the clay and slowly pinch in until you carve out a pot. My chalice was 2 pinch pots hooked together.


Here are some close up of pinch pots.


These are Sherri’s push plates on the bottom. They are super nice looking.


This is the end result of my pottery and glazing. Overall, I really enjoyed pottery. The one thing I learned is that you have to have a game plan when you go in and make pottery. Mostly because if you don’t know what you will want to do, the 3 hours of class quickly goes by. And it takes around 4-5 weeks to get something made to all the way glazed and finished.

I know for me, I really just wanted to take my time and make a few piece of pottery, and then walk around and talk to people. So i focused a lot on just enjoying the process.

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