Sherri and I went on Vacation In Vancouver


So Sherri and I went on vacation in Vancouver, because I was out there earlier for training in Surrey. This was her first time out here, so I tried to show her everything out there. It was a really pretty fall /winter out there. It was kind of cold, but the weather was still really pretty and blue.

On the first day,  we went to the Museum of Anthropology. This was actually one of Sherri’s favorite museum, because they had all these really cool fabrics and textures. She studied a lot of texture, so seeing all these different textiles really excited her.


While I really enjoyed just looking at all the pottery.


Here was a random bird.


Here is one of our couple pictures that we took.


There were all these really cute pottery. I took a lot of pictures from this place, so I would know what I want to make for my pottery class.


Here is the chinese basketball jersey, just kidding it is just a vest. But I thought it was a jersey for a moment.IMG_20171021_131620
Sherri looking mighty fine next to the totem images.


Another couple picture.


We also visited the VanDusen Botanical Gardens.’



We also visited the VanDusen Botanical Gardens. I actually really like the Maze in the gardens, it made me think of Westworld, when I was going through it.


Then we look at the history of vancouver museum. I also learned that Sherri doesn’t really like going to so many museum. I love museums a lot, so if you dropped me off in a spot with 10 museums, I would go into all the museums.


Here we are at Granville Island


It has all these cute little artsy stores, sold a lot of random things, and art supplies.IMG_20171022_135512IMG_20171022_152527

We also tried the beer at Granville Island, I really liked their IPA, but because I have not been drinking as much beer these last years, I did not end up drinking a lot.


We also biked around the vancouver seawall, and Stanley Park.IMG_20171023_112143

We took random pictures at different parts along the bike pathIMG_20171023_112220IMG_20171023_111754

Sherri and I ended up really loving this place. The ride was really fun, and relaxing. I think this was one of our favorite things to do. Sherri thought the ride was really easy, and didn’t make her scared like when we biked to coyote hills.


We went to a place that made really cute macaroons.


The last place we ate at a place named Medina on our last day.

So here is my overall take on vancouver. It is a really fun place to go visit. It reminds me of a cleaner SF. I found there to be a lot of great places to eat. Gastown is really fun, and where all the action is at night.

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