ooh, i’m so happy

Thank God (prayer request answered), I was looking online at my charter bill to check to see if my visa had gone through. And it had, and I also saw that I had paid another 91.86 on top of that. So I’m assuming that some nice person actually found my letters and put it into the mailbox for me. Now I’m just excited about that. And I didn’t worry about it at all.

Reading for English isn’t boring, but it does take a little bit of time. But I get really tired now, because my body doesn’t like these 7 hour sleep schedule. So while I was reading a book on a bench in the pocket of paradise. (which is a little triangle area with trees and benches, very nice place with a lot of shade). I fall asleep as I’m reading. And I just slump forward, then I wake up quickly. But several days ago when i was sitting there reading before I went to work, i kind of fell asleep on the bench. Then I was awaken when something pushed the back of the bench, I thought one of my friends had snuck up on me, but I look right and I just see a crow. It had flown and landed right next to me. (about 2 feet away). It must have thought I was a statue. Then more crows were landing in the area walking around me. I started thinking about hte alfred hitchcock movie with the crows that attacked people.

Speaking of birds, for some reason its always really interesting watching birds just walk when they do their bird call. As i was walking to class i walked by a tree and saw a robin jumping around a tree. What I wish I had was a machine that would allow me to talk to animals. I would think that would be really cool. Ah, the simple things in life.

Now, I’m going to do a study to find out how many cds my cd-rw can burn in 1-2 weeks. Because my friend needs me to burn a lot of cds for him (300-400 minimun). If my cd-rw dies in this time, I would not be surprised.
I like how my friends alwaysa have interesting stories when i talk about random things. I was talking to Evan about my cd-rw and he was telling me how as a freshman he went around his dorm asking people if he could borrow cds. And people would give him 30,or 100+ cds. So he would go and do 3-4 hours of cd burning.

Everyday when i wake up and go upstairs to make my breakfast. I can’t help but laugh when I see the closet. Because its just funny thinking about having someone sleep in your closet.

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