I think yesterday was the first time I ever studied and did homework at the same place and time with Arthur. It has taken us 4 years, before we ever happened to study together. We still haven’t been able to take a class together even though we are the same major and take the same exact courses. Then it gets frustrating when none of us knows how to find the answers. I jsut sit there and start mumbling at the problem, and they ask me am I talking to myself again. And i tell them I am.

My design teacher gave us a really hard homework problem to do. I was sitting there in the UU with Jason, and it took us 2 hours, with the answer printed out of the answer book. Trying to figure out what was happening. And we tried so hard and couldn’t get the answer, and then walk to class and find out that hte teacher has posponed the homework until wednesday. And then he helped us work through the homework problem.

I think my roommate thinks I work my butt off. Because I’m taking 3 ME classes right now, and he told Arthur that he odesn’t know how he could take mroe then 1 ME class at a time. But homework is really fun to do if you do it with someone else, and can figure it out.

Time for some fun info … I downloaded the old oregon trail game for dos and played it. I beat the game as a teacher. For some reason, I asked Jason to show me a picture of his girlfriend, because he talks about how he drives down once every two weeks to visit her at Riverside. And I picture in my mind, that his girlfriend looks like my old roommate’s girlfriend. I don’t know why, but I think its because my old roommate always talked to his girlfriend every night at 9:00, and watched all those shows on the WB like everwood, gilmore girls, and stuff. So if someone talks about their girlfriend to me, a picture has popped into my head. I think its because my brain hates cognitive dissonance, so i just have a filler image in my mind.

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