okay, i will now update.

Yay, i just finished my dynamics midterm. I know i spanked 2 of the problems, and the last problem, it’s a toss up. Either i spanked it or it spanked me. I think that’s what my dream is about.

Well, for the past two days. I have been catching up on sleep, and doing sleep a thon. My roommate Marc was saying “Andrew, you sleep too much”. Because on wednesday. I skipped my econ class to sleep. So i went to sleep at 5:30 pm and i woke up at 10:00pm, and then i went back to sleep at 11:30pm and woke back up at 9:00am the next day. It was really cold, but i had to wake up at 9:00am becuase I had to study for dynamics. So i walked in the cold dark rain to the library and found a study room with my friend and we studied dynamics. it’s really fun studying with a chalkboard, becuase you can write on it really big and it is easier to understand. I don’t know why, but it does. Then i went to sleep last night at 10:00.

I had a funny dream last night. I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night, I woke up at 3:00, 3:30, and 3:40. In my first dream, i was dreaming about watching football, and the team was my fantasy football team, all the players on one team. Then the next dream had to do with something i was watching on tv where there was some fighting, so i woke up. And finally my last dream was kind of interesting.

So I had bought tickets to hte phantom of hte opera with my roommate. We then went to the box office to pick up the tickets from will call for the next day. So we get to the box office (that looks like a bank). And i stick my will call ticket into an atm machine, and out spits my ticket. So i go home, and on the way back home, I see some squirrells and brids, and i want to catch them, but they run and flay away. Then i see that the door to my house is open. And when i walk in, i see that there are 3 squirrels and a blue jay walking around my room, in front of 2 plants in the house. I’m able to scared 1 squirrel and 1 blue jay away just by running at them. But there are 2 squirrels that are burrowed into trees. Their butt is sticking back up, so they look like hamsters, so i slap the squirrel on the butt to see if i can make him move away. But he didn’t move away, and my grandma tried to pick it up, and it bit her. Then i spanked the squirrel again, and it didn’t leave, so i let it stay. Then my grandma picked up a big spider and tried to throw it away, but then she didn’t throw it correctly and it landed somewhere really close to my feet.

Then i woke up.

recap of halloween. I didn’t do too much for halloween. I just sat around and watched tv. So i watched donnie darko, and several other movies that were scary. So to make myself feel better, we watched family guy after. And during that day, my roommate’s had invited the brother of my other roommate and his friends over for a BBQ. They went to the football game. And i think there were drinking while i was watching the exorcist. So after watching the movie, I was walking out of my room and i see the roommate’s brother being dragged to the restroom, and he is chuging red stuff out of his mouth. And I’m confused what’s happening, i just see him throwing up into the toilet, and red on the floor. I find out that they were drinking vodka with gatorade. So i just let the other people fix him up, while i helped clean up some of hte carpet. I wanted to laugh, but i know he must have been feeling very bad.

I was talking to my roommate, and i like making small talk with him. I was talking about “wouldn’t it be cool if you had a show on CNN or any of hte shows like that . It could be called “Marc Hori Country””. Then he responded and said “how about we have ‘Andrew and his incomplete thoughts”. Haha, i started cracking up so hard. That was so good. And because I like it so much, i’ve changed the catch phrase on my blog. I think it’s true, i do give incomplete thoughts. Yesterday, i was telling marc “Wow, this person visited cal poly”. And we just stared at each other, because i think he thought i was going to keep on saying something. And i thought he was going to give a response. So we just stared at each other for several minutes, like in family guy. Then we just went back to being normal.

Hmm, i’m going to do some magnificent cooking right now, becuase i work from 12-4. and have class from 11-12. I’m cooking dinner for the freshmen right now. At 10:00am. I have chicken cooking in the oven, and i marinated it with carnola oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and BBQ sauce. I’m not sure how that will come out. And then i threw in some apples to give it some sweet apple flavor. So i’m going to let it bake, and then i will come back at around 4:00, and throw them onto the frying pan, and then fry them all a little bit, to reheat them, and then i will walk all the way with 30 drumsticks. to the house which is far away.

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