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So i woke up today, and had to miss my EE class becuase i was signing up for classes and i had to go to the bank. At 10:00 i had gone ot mustang village to ask them why they were charging me a late fee and why my account did not go through. So they said they needed proof, so i went to the bank later at 11:45. Talked to the guy, and he gave me a print out of my account, and then from there i went to the lady accountant. She then went anc called the place that handles stuff like this. I think she was getting mad at them. The reason my check had bounced was because she had put in the wrong account number. She had messed up one digit on my account number,and that was the reason why my direct debit did not go through. The reason she was mad at the other people was that, they would just send her back a notice saying that my check had non sufficient funds. She would have to wait until the 15th before she knew if hte account was invalid or there was no money. The way mustang village apts work, she automatically gave me a late fee, and bounced check fee. That totalled to 100$. So anyway, i got everything all straighten out, and its fine and dandy in my neck of the woods.

I hope brad keeps on my legacy of keeping his hair long. He should not let a razor touch his head until the giants win hte world series. It worked for David Carr and his dad. I should work for him also. =).

I found out that yahoo sports gives live streamed soccer on their website. But they only have copa americana, itilian league, and mls. But it’s cool. So i just watched it, I was watching AC milan versus some other team. Then i thought i saw arsenal versus bolivia, but when i watched it, i found out that there was an arsenal team in argentina, and it wasn’t as good as the british one.

The most hilarious thing that happens on sunday is my roommate. The really crazy 49er fan. He’s usually very quiet and doesn’t talk to much, but on sunday. He’s like a hot pocket, all fiery. He was yelling during the whole entire 49ers game, making comments and disagreeing iwth the commentators. He got so mad with hte commmentary, saying “you guys suck, the reason he wasn’t open was because of htat holding you !@#!@ !@#!@# commentators”. I knew something bad happened because whenever there was a bad call or something he would start saying you !@#!@# !@#!@#!@#@ !@#!@# @!# receiver catch the !@#@! ball.. ” But other then that he is like mild manner clark kent. He doesn’t really speak loudly at all, or cuss that often.

Finally, I got all my classes i wanted for next quarter. And i got it all under 14 units, Thank goodness all my major classes are only 3 units. So i take 3 major, and one GE. That’s the way.

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