i woke up with a mild headache

So i had a dream. A nightmare in a sort. I think i remembered a double dream. Well in my first dream, I was at school (but the place looked like church) and i was picking up my sister to bring her back home. So i got home at 4:00pm that day, and i had 3 tests the next day to prepare for. Then in my dreams, i went to sleep. I then woke up at 4:50. I was wondering why i woke up so early. Then my sister comes in and says, “you forgot to turn on your alarm, you turned it on to tare. It’s 4:50pm in hte afternoon. I then thought. what happened? I just missed 3 tests and i said, this can’t be true. So i kept on trying to convince myself. Then i woke up in that dream, and i looked at the clock and in this next part of the dream. I got out of bed and saw the same time, and l wasn’t with my sister in my room. I was in my dorm room, and i had turned on my computer, and it told me that it was tuesday nad not wednesday. That freaked me out, and then i woke up again, and saw it was 4:50. Well for hte last one. I think i really woke up but, I was in one of those sleepwalking modes i believe. Because i stood out of my bed and saw my clock, but iddn’t move, and fell back asleep instantly.

Then in part 2 of my dream. I was dreaming that my sister and I were picking upa a charter bus. I don’t know why we were, but i think it was because i was given the job or something. So my sister and I are in the bus and we are driving, she is listening to her mp3 player, and i’m just driving. Then the bus starts making weird noises, when i pass a town called “auora”. In my dream, that place is very small town. There are orchard trees, and the sheriff lives in a nice house with a giant garden in front of his house. There are some citizens that live here, but it’s mostly retirement. It has a lot of small streets, and i drove the charter bus into a town square. I then had to turn around, so i drove into the food court, and was able to drive around hte outside. But people were yelling at me saying “watch out”, i saw somebody’s tripod fall, because i just cliped their stand when i was driving by. And a baby stroller got pushed out of hte way. Then the sheriff stopped me and asked me what happened. I told him what happened that i needed a mechanic, so he called one in. The sheriff is also the mayor of this town. So he saw me later standing next to the bus and told everyone “we have a guest, he’s from the amazon and is on vacation.

Then i woke up. My head is a little lightheaded, so i think i have a mild lightness in my head. To me it reminds me of my symptons of ear infection, but i have energy.

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