Oh my, in the field and salary

Hahaha, I was given the opportunity to work overtime out in the Field with the Field workers. But I’m salary and the field guys are hourly. So guess who doesn’t get any overtime. =P

But yesterday I help balanced the Vairable Air Flow Boxes, so I would set the dampers open and wait until they settled. Then I would go to the next box and do the same.

What my desk looked like in a pixar office. With my helmet.

My ill conceived moment of the day. It was randomly raining at work today. But during lunch it was overcast, so decide to take a walk to pick up the mail for the office. As I’m walking past the 15 offices on the outside it starts to hail on me. You hear this pinging as it goes off the cars, and then it starts to come down heavily. Guess where I was, standing in the parking lot at this time wearing my regular work clothes, polo shirt and jeans. It was pretty cold and ice would keep on hitting and going down my back. However, I made it back to the office and warmed back up. !! Hoorah for heater!!!

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