Long Workweek over

Ahhh, I survived my week out in the field working with the field workers (doing 10-11 hour shifts with them). I even finished a project back at the office in the small time i actually got there, which was a feat in itself.

I use to have a company labtop that I would dock in at work. However, we have this desktop workstation that was going to be taken back because no one was using it as much. So I volunteered to give back my labtop to take that workstation because I didn’t go out to the field and need it that much. Hahahah, so that was in early Janauary, makes me wish I never gave it back when i was out at the field. Because I had to drive to my office a couple times to finish up the small stuff/projects.

So up to the fun thing for yesterday. Had a small project I needed to really finish up. Went into the office at 5:30am. Then headed out to emeryville for field work at 6:30am.

I finished up working in emeryville at around 5:15pm. So I decided to drive home, now as I was getting on 24 connecting to go home, the traffic was terrible going east. In my mind, all i thought of was driving on a lane that was faster. So I took the bridge to SF, and decided I would visit a friend in SF. Call him up and he is sick, so I just end up at 21st amendment in the rain. However, as I’m getting out of my car, I decide to change jackets (for the rain), and I manually locked the car with my keys inside. =O. In my mind I was thinking, I can call AAA and have them open the door for me, or I can have a drink of “Monk’s Blood” and figure out a better system.

I walk in and see that it is beer week, so that place is packed. I get my monk’s blood at around 6:10, and I think, why call AAA when I can get a friend to come pick up my key and eat dinner/drinks in SF with me. So I call Vin, and he goes to my home to pick up my spare key and gets out to SF at 8pm. (he didn’t reach my house until 7).

So as I waited for him, I started talking to this lady (in her early 30’s) who was waiting for her husband, who worked around the corner. They were in their early 30’s, so I talked to them for those 2 hours. She was a pastry chef, and he was graphic artists. We just talked about beer and adult swim shows. Lets say all I know now is that if I went to vacation in Seattle, I have to go to certain brewerys,

My 2nd beer that I ordered was called “lower da boom barleywine”, but I thought my new friends were saying “Lord of the Boom”, so I went up there and said that name. I guess the bartender knew what I wanted, or just gave me something. They were laughing with me when I said I was trying “Lord of the Boom”.

Last thing I should say, is that I can’t really do magic tricks when i have some beer in me. My mechanism for doing stuff does not work at all. I tried to do a simple business card trick, but I just kept on having my business cards fly in and out of my hands. So I gave up on that and just talked. =)

Best thing is that Vin did finally arrive and we walked down the street to a thai food place, because it wasn’t as crowded as the brew/restaurants. So it was nice that I made new friends that maybe one day I might see again.

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