Out in the Field and Valentines Day Card

I guess I never thought through what would be the results of me giving out those Disney Fairy valentine’s day cards. Haha, everyone loved it and thought it was funny. The president of my company was talking to me, when i came back into the office saying “Andrew, I would love to be your pixie pal for Valentines Day”. So that is my new nickname in the office, I don’t know how long it will last, but it might stay for at least a week.

Then i was out at the field helping the air balancers balance the Varable Air Flow Boxes. I would sit in front of hte computer and open and close the dampers. Wait for it to settle, and then see if then calibrate what i have with the air balancers numbers.

This staircase use to be cement then it fell. So they are making a different type of staircase now.

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