my sleep pattern has not been set yet

I went to sleep at 10:00pm and i woke up at 3:36 am this morning. Then i tried going back to sleep, and i did fall asleep. In that one hour, i had a scary nightmare. I then woke up at 5:00 and just got up, becuase i can’t sleep. My body hasn’t adjusted to me sleeping so early, or i just got awaken.

Anyway, i had a terrible dream. I dreamed that i woke up at 7:05, and i had to get to class. Class started at 7:10, so ii had 5 minutes to get to class, but it took me 15 minutes to get there. Anyway, i ran out of my bed and noticed that there were ants all over my wall, and all over my bed, and some flies flying from the wall, all over my room. It was nasty, but i had to go to class, so i just ran out of there. I would fix it later. Then i woke up.

Boiling water, maybe that will take out the nastiness in the poly water.


first day of classes

it was freezing outside this morning. I walked to class and walked back and my face felt cold and my ears were stinging. It sucked. My statics class has only 7 people in it.

Walking into my math class later that day, i knew 75% of the people inside. Everyone in that class was in my dorm last quarter. I thought that was interesting. and I had to listen hard to figure out what my math teacher was saying. He had a thick bulgarian accent and everytime he said stuff, you had to think about what he was saying. He said the number 14 but it sounded like 40. HIs name is todor todorov. What an intersting name.

Finally, my strenght of materials class isn’t too bad. One of the chalkboard wasn’t working well. It was warped. The board must have been getting hot from the heater above it. Becuase it made a little indentation out, and would pop in when the teacher wrote on the board.

I think i like having a spread out schedule. It helps me study better,and ihave more time inbetween classes to figure out how to do things

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