my birthday

well, today is my birthday and i’m not 20 years old. Wow, i’ve been alive for a while now. I remember the 80’s just like yesterday when ninja turtles and rocky and bulwinkle ruled. I went back to Cal Poly today, but my parents and sister gave me a nice card, for my birthday.

I brought my guitar down with me this time, and it’s going to be a really good quarter. I can feel it.

I gave my sister a monster hug. I think i’ve grown up being very touchy, showing my love in hug. I was at the christian bookstore yesterday and i saw this bookmark, and it was about a hug. And how everyone loves a hug.

What’s funny is how my uncle dave didn’t really know that i love to get hugs and give them. Because when my auntie said “let me give you a hug”, my uncle did his own impression. Haha, but i gave him a hug not knowing that he was sick.


more blogging

since i’m back at college and have my own computer, i’m blogging more again. Because i can see the computer in front of me. I invited Darrell to my place for dinner. I made fried rice and veggetables. He didn’t eat much, must not have been hungry. Then i used the rest of the time to unpack and play some video games. I”m going to sleep at 10:00pm tonight, and everything. NO more late night andrew

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