mlb audio pass

I didn’t like the extra hour we lost last night, because i went to sleep later and i woke up very tired. So i’ll will be going to sleep right after i finish this log.

I think i got a really good group for my english group. I got all upper classmen ME majors. So i think we will all pull our weight.

Okay, so today was the opening day baseball game for the A’s. So i was sitting in my room trying to figure out if i should buy I didn’t really want to becuase it cost 80 dollars, and it was on broadband, and i’m not sure if my internet would run it smoothly without stopping and buffering. I also looked at the quality of the feed i got with their demo and i got 300kb/s, but it didn’t look good on full screen. It took me one hour to decide. So i eventually ended up just getting mlb audio pass for 14 dollars for the whole year. So i will be able to listen to the game online.

I should not have procrastinated until today, becuase i was doing massive amounts of work that i could have done on the weekend. All my teachers are making it so easy for me to procrastinate, because they give out homework everyday, but it is all due once a week. =)

–Useless posting below–

ITs a good thing i don’t have too many labs this quarter. I was talkign to my classmate, and he was telling me how he got to battleaxe in gunbound. I’m only double silver axe. I haven’t played in a while. But we were talking, and he was telling me how his math major roommate doesn’t have too much work for a math major (no labs), so that guy plays gunbound everyday. The best part was when my friend was telling me how while playing gunbound, the other person didn’t believe my friend was a engineer in college. My roommate kept on trying to tell him he was, and the other person didn’t believe him and kicked him from the room.

The smallball team is now in proleague 4. Now after playing games like this, i wish i could be an owner and pay players to play for me. I would make the ultimate team, and have a really cool logo.

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