rainy/sunny day

The only bad thing about starting class at 7:00am. Is that it is dark and cold, and i don’t know what the weather will be like for the rest of hte day. So after I go to classes, and do my group work its about 11:30am, and its really hot outside. Then i think to myself why didn’t i wear shorts to school. Then i remember that it was really cold in the morning when i got out of bed.

I have ngozi kamalu for my fluids lab. IT’s pronoucned “naaa guu si”, and he’s always late for lab. So we were standing outside the lab door for 10 minutes. Then we see a baby blue mercedes (old version) drive up and Prof Kamalu. He opens the door to his car, throws us his backpack, 1 liter bottle of squirt soda, and keys to the door. So we all have to go into class and start our lab by ourselves. Then he comes to class 20 minutes later after parking.

Then i was walking to class today. And you notice that when you slip or fall, you immediately notice people who saw you fall. Then you try to smile it off, and say some excuse for why you fell.

At least i wasn’t like my classmate, he was running and he found a collegee student who had passed out on the street. He thought he was dead, but after prodding the guy, the guy woke back up.

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