I helped out cleaning up People’s self-help housing. I went with some people from AACF to go help out cleaning the low income housing. I don’t know how i woke up at 9:00am, but i did. I went to sleep at 3:30 that morning, because marc and i were watching tv. Marc signed up also, but he couldn’t wake up at 9:00 like me.

We got to the housing place at around 10am. They had cut down a lot of grass and branches. I think we ended up filling 20 garbage bags full of leaves and grass. The housing area looked like one long giant house with 5 buildings in it. From A-E. I think most of the people were asleep at 10am, because only one man was outside helping us, while his roommate was asleep. There was another man with his daugther that we woke up because we were using water pressure machine to clean the windows.

It wasn’t too muddy, so all the leaves were easy to rake up and throw in. It got kind of nasty when we had to take off the screens on the window. It was easy and clean opening the screens on the side near the front doors. But once Toby and I got to the backside to open the screens, it was nasty. There were cobwebs on it, and the windows were higher up. Since we were taking the screens off from the outside, we had to use a screwdriver to pop the screen out. So while we were popping the screens out on the backside (near all hte trees and leaves. Spiders would pop out from the screen. I would be living the screen with the screwdrivers and 2 spiders would jump out and run around really fast on the wall.

I was really tired after helping out. I got back at around 2:30, and slept until 5:30.

Then i had to write a memo for tech writing.

It looks like its for certain now that my roommate and I will have that condo next year. Anthony is giving us the roomate transfer papers. We might be transfering only 2 of our names at the beginning, and then the 3rd roommate will have his name transferred later. It will make it easier for them, because i think the person who rents it out wants someone they can trust, so we want to keep one of the old roommates name on there. Then after several months we will transfer the 3rd roommates name on.

I think after this week, i won’t play a lot video games for another 6 weeks.

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