mini golf

So I took James out for a sports day. We first went and played mini golf at Karts N Golf. We were hacking at that ball, because we were trying to play like real golf players. I did hit a hole in one in the #18 hole, so I got a free game. I’ll give it to the first person at Church that asks me for it.

I went to pick up James, and they have this little fence on the street. So I was so close to his street, but I had come from the wrong side, and I couldn’t open the gate. I tried to push it open, but it was locked, so I just walked around the gate on the street to his house. We had to walk back all the way to our car.

We also went to the batting cages right after. I used one of the bats from the place, and its much lighter. So I had a 30 inch bat, and I was beating the 50mph pitches with ease. I was a little fast, so I would pull it a lot. My favorite part was when I was telling James, I’m going to show you how David Ortiz hits, and the next pitch, I just smacked that ball perfectly.

Then we went and played frisbee golf at Chabot Park. Its all confusing the course, because the park is fairly small, so the tees were close to each other ,and in others ways. So we kept on going after the closer basket, which was 100 feet closer then the acutal baskets. I think we played 9 holes, and then made 9 more holes. There was also a little kids birthday party going on as we were frisbee golfing. So I was telling James that I will minus a stroke if he hit a kid, but only if the kids were running. Right after we finished playing, we went to the arcades. If you ever watch me play on those shooting games, I unload on it. I felt sorry for James because I tripled his score, he had his one shot at a time, compared to my shoot until the screen tells me to reload. All he saw on his screen was the guys getting hit by my blue dot. .

Now I’m working on my next watercolor painting, and then working on my next toastmaster speech.

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