Days at church

Wow, I’ve been at church the past 2 days. The most i’ve been at church since middle school during the summer when I was at church quite often. So, to catch people up on the last two days. I’m trying to remember what I did, but its getting a little foggy, because the caffeine from the tea I was drinking is wearing off now.

I went to graceland for the first time after my toastmaster meeting. They are now going through Acts instead of the Chasing Daylight program. Then today, I was around to have lunch with Pastor Tim. I talked to him about many things, it was really nice catching up with him and learning from him. He was telling me stuff about dating, actually he was telling me more about how I should work on myself and then the girls will come. I’m not so sure about it, but I guess it works if it worked for him. Maybe I’m just not up to the “level” yet. That’s enough of that.

Today, I went to footprints to meet all the incoming 7th graders. I played with some of the awana kids also. They are so cute, and I usually play the game as them, but I intentially play really bad. So the little kids giggle, and then try to show me how it really is done. It makes the little kids really happy =). From visiting Footprints, it makes me want to help out with youth group when I finish college. I could be just like Marc.

With my last watercolor painting that I finished, I gave it to Josh. Everytime I make a joke and Josh things its funny or to corny, he tells me “What did the 5 fingers say to the face”, and I slap my own face. My next drawing will start tomorrow, I think I could get through 2 paintings if I start early enough.

I have so many things I do when I’m driving home. Usually when I’m driving up the hill at night (after 10pm) I start looking for deer, because they can be seen on the side of the hill. So when I see a deer, I stop my car (if no one is behind me), and open my window and stare at the deer. Then the deer stares at me, and I drive off because the Deer’s big eyeballs scare me. I will never win against the deer.

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