I’m on a roll now, most likely i’m going to be finished with my next watercoloring painting by tomorrow night. I’m more then 2/3rds of the way done. And Mike wants one also. So now I have 2 people after this painting, who want a watercolor. Doug is going to get his alifeinpictures.net background picture, while for Mike I found him a glacier. That might be kind of hard for water colors because I only have 3 blues, and glaciers are just all different shades of blue. It might end up with some artist inspiriation.

The guys at work had to do another safety test today. They had a safety test driving. I couldn’t help but laugh because they were telling me that essentially it was like taking a dmv test. Where they had to parallel park, and do a 3 point turn and several other things.

I was cooking dinner with my dad, and we sucked today. I was trying to make my eggs overeasy and the egg got stuck to the bottom of the pan, I’m not sure why. I had put down enough oil. Then my dad tried doing one, and he messed up also. We had a great chuckle out of it, and then jsut threw rice into the eggs and made fried rice with our messed up overeasy eggs.

I’ve taken 5 different routes to work, I think tomorrow I’m going to take the freeway and just go with the traffic. Because it can’t be any slower then getting stuck at 2 schools.

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