Little Boy Birthday


Sherri was out at a bachelorette party, so i had some free time on saturday. I decide to go visit my cousin ethan. Guess what day it was for him … it was his birthday! I guess he really likes my magic tricks so my auntie anna asked me if i could do a magic show for ethan. So I did! Their party was at rockin jump, i did not jump but when i walked around that place it made me think of how fun it was to be a kid, when they had places like discovery zone.


Because it was a timed room event at the place, i had to do a pretty quick 5-10 minute show. I ended up doing the following 3 things, i threw around an imaginary ball to the kids, and then when i received it back i revealed the imaginary ball to be a red spongeball. One of the kid’s dad did some magic, so the boy was getting kind of suspicious, so to throw him off i did another quick spongeball trick to make him confused.  Smile 

Then i ended the trick with a change bag trick, i first had ethan and 4 of the boys draw something on cards, turn them over, and I had ethan name a number. Using that number i grabbed a “random card”, and threw it into a bag, and the change bag turned it into the drawing (which was a car drawn by ethan).  Here is a picture of ethan and his toy car and his car drawn on picture.  These are my favorite tricks the one where the main kid draws the thing that gets chosen. Winking smile Makes less work for me, and the trick seem even more magical. I think the kids started asking me what else i could pull out of the bag, if i had chosen a pikachu, would a pokemon have come out? I told them there could have been.


I think some of the kids went back home wanting to learn more magic tricks. The boy in green really wanted to learn everything i knew, but i wouldn’t teach it to him yet. I think i showed him a simple coin trick but that was all.IMG_20180505_151421

After that we went to play laser tag, there was a terrible accident on the freeway so the roads were all backed up. Because of that, it ended up being only 3 of us in the laser tag area. I was so tired when it was 2 on 1, then i would beat them a lot, so ethan wanted to be on my team.  I was super sweaty, and the boys were both just dripping in sweat after 10 minutes. I think on our 3rd game, we ran into another group of 3 who wanted to play with us. It was pretty funny helping ethan hide and get people when they were not looking.


He got some pretty cool toys, and i think I also had ethan bring me out his magic trick box, and i showed him how to do all the tricks in the box. The crazy thing is how the box that he has is about 90% similar to what i had as a kid. The only difference was that there were 3 new tricks and nicer material.

What were my thoughts of the day? I really enjoyed it, especially doing the tricks for the kids, their eyes lighting up made my day.

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