Wine Tasting in Paso Robles


Today, I took Sherri down to Paso Robles to drink Wine, she was telling me how she had a great time down there, and loved the wines they had.  We were planning on staying the night over there, but ended up not doing that because it was a holiday weekend, and I could not find a good price at a hotel to stay.

We went to one of Sherri’s favorite winery, it was called Per Cazo. It has really good ports. Which is something Sherri really really likes. The fun thing about that place is that they also give spirit tasting, so I guess when they make wines and it gets too alcoholic they continue to make it into a spirit. Smile They also name all their wines female names and give them a cartoon female pinup character



We ended up eating at Cass for a late lunch, it is the place that Sherri’s old co-worker Katheryn Mangan works for. I was hoping to maybe rent a B&B from their place, but they were not open yet (I think they will be finish with everything by winter.


The funny thing about the Cass winery was how they have a female manequin in the restroom. It scared me when i first opened up the door and i thought there was a door person sitting there.


Here is a cute Selfie of Sherri and I.


Here are more pictures from the trip. I really don’t know what else to really say in terms of wine. Mostly because i’m not really a wine conissoeur, however I do know that Sherri loves the dessert wine. While for me, i can really only taste 2 things, if it is very dry or sweet,  Which i guess is enough for me to know if i like the wine or not. Smile

Overall, I think I really like paso robles wine more than napa. I think it must be the people who are making the wine, i feel in paso robles, since i went there for college and it is a younger wine area. The people must have similiar tastes to me, an it could also be that the first bottles of wine i ever drank were zinfandels from paso robles (mostly because they were cheap at food 4less).

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