last final

Woohoo, I just finished my last final of my undergraduate course. I don’t think i’ll be taking a test for another year or two until I go to get my masters. For my last final, it was a Robotics test, and I studied all day tuesday for it and today.

    Just before our test, down the stairs from the room we are having our final (in the architecture building), there were people practicing the thriller dance.Everyone in my class was watching them do their moves. But anyway we walk into the room for the final and the teacher joked around saying “if you want a C- for the class, just write C- on top of your paper and turn in your test”. If the teacher had said it for real, I bet more than half the class would have done that, but he was only joking.

    It was so hot today in my classrooms. I had a window seat too, so it wasn’t as bad as the other people taking their finals in the other parts of the room for the 507 class. As I was walking out, it looked like two people in the back were falling asleep.

   After my final, i was really hungry so I went to Taco Bell, and the guy in front of me needed a quarter to have exact change, and  I gave him one.

   We have made the robotics lab into a house feel. If you look at the chairs, 2 or 3 of the chairs have their backs taken off so we can have leg rests. Even though it says “no food in there” we bring in a lot of food. Its just that you can’t see it on the webcam. All the food is usually put right under the webcam or behind the cabinets. =)

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