Sweet Taste of Graduation (almost)

Yup, after 5 years of Cal Poly, I have (almosted) achieved my undergraduate degree. Still have to stay for a little longer to work on my senior project. But it should be done in no time. I’m not sure how I’m really suppose to feel about leaving college, because it has done everything to me. I will remember all the times that I never slept becasue I had to work on my projects, and then how everyone was so tired, that we could barely present the project too.

   Anyway’s my graduation was very entertaining. I think we spend 45 minutes standing in line waiting to walk into the stadium. I just stood around talking to all the people around me, a lot of them that I knew well. I think I really only knew half of hte graduating ME’s, the other half I have no idea who they were (must have been 4th years)

    The most interesting thing I saw at the graduation was that at least 75% of the people I met my freshman year, who were in mechanical engineering were on the 5 year plan and graduated with me. And the most ironic thing that happened was my robotics final. It was in the classroom where I had my first ME class with my friend. We had a 7am class in that room. To finish off our undergraduate careers, we both had our final in that same class we started in. (I have not had a class in that room since my freshman year).

    That class I took, 134 was one of the most frustrating classes I ever took at Cal Poly. The only reason it was so frustrating was that it was an introduction (not a pre-requistite class) to ME> So when I took the class, there were 12 people in my class. Maybe 4 freshman, and 8 juniors/seniors. The tests were a little bit of everything that we will ever learn at Cal Poly, so all the seniors and juniors had an easy time in the class. (Prof . Cooper) would give back the tests and say “the average for the class was really good (93%)”. Then my friend and I would look down at our test and our grades were 70%, 60%. I would go ask the seniors what they got, and they had 120%, 110%. Essentially, all the freshman were on track to fail that class, so I think hte teacher did some weird curving, becuase i think we all passed with B’s.

   During graduation, my friend gave all the teachers (he knew) lei’s. It was funny the colors he chose. I think one teacher he gave purple and black, and Prof. Niku asked him why he gave him those colors, and Jason said something about how robots applied to those colors. But in my mind I thought he said “because of the amount of pain he put us through in doing those boring labs”.

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