I can still shake and bake

I’m so out of shape, last night after the AACF senior banquet we had sunrise basketball. And I’ve never made it to sunrise, I think freshman year i made it to 3:30am. But yesterday (acutally today) I did make it until sunrise, then i fell asleep.

   Here’s a recap of what I injured on my body from yesterday’s game. I have a sore calf muscle because there was one play were I tried to jump harder than I can possible jump and it cramped up my calf. Also, the balls of my right foot hurts, because I think I landed on it funny. So right now it feels like a deep bruise on my flat of my foot. The worse I felt yesterday was after my first game. I  think I was dehydrated because I sat on the ground for an hour trying to catch my breath and feel better. After a  bottle of water, my body came back to life.

    So I think people might want to see some photos from my senior project expo.  I don’t think I talked about it, but during my senior expo, I brought in otter pops that I had in my fridge. I was sharing it with my classmates, anyways I left it on the table, and Heather comes in and sees them and goes “you’re fired, you’re not suppose to bribe the teachers.” For a second I did not know if she was joking or not, so I got all confused.  Actually, I’m still not sure if she was joking or not. That is going to be one of those things that I don’t think I want to ask and find out.

Here are my wonderful pictures to show
My senior project posterboard (after seeing everyone elses board I don’t think we put enough info into our board, but we didn’t have much to say about it either)

Top of the machine

Bottom of the machine

A group next to me did a frisbee launcher for disabled people. I thought it looked like the most dangerous product out there on display (acutally second most dangerous behind the x-ray for horses machine)

My friend had such a nice senior project. They finished theirs fast. The senior project that they displayed was the thing to the right of the leg cast. Their project was to make the foot part of the cast not snap back as hard.

This was a 2 degree of freedom spinning thing for little children (who have muscular dystrophy) to help their
body develop something. I’m not sure what it was, but thinking about it, the guy who presented the thing did something with his hands. Where if you hold your hands out in front of you and shake your head, you will notice your hand doesn’t seem to move. But if you hold your head still and shake your hand you notice you don’t see it as well. So it had something to do with that.

I laughed at Steve when he brought in his tv. He just wanted to make his presentation the one everyone
stood around and watched. They were making a new kind of latch for motorcycle helmets, instead of DD rings.
Anyways their project might be on the new EVS helmets that come out in 2008. My running joke with him and his is that he could be the one responsible for Travis Pastrana death if his helmet latch doesn’t work.

Finally, a team made a kayak that should be the fastest kayak made because it will be based off of calculations and computer modeling, instead of the kayak maker feel.

That’s the best stuff I have for today.

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