Last Day of the Year

Well now i’ve finally come back from vacation. Today I did a lot of things. I watched the NFL Playoff games. That’s so exciting, and then I went to Everett’s house and had kind of the last party before new years eve party. We played DDR, tekken tag tournament and madden 2001 on the PS2. It has really cool graphics. The madden game looked real especially the really annoying and funny commentating. I’m trying to think of a Monday Night Football game, with the (I forgot his name) comedian. They were making comments like “that’s a stupid play, you pay the conseqauences.”. Then i played my friends 3rd mix of DDR. Still the only song i’m good at is Boom Boom Dollar. Even though it’s faster and more challenging, that’s the only one i have a B on. Everything else i had D’s. Then we played some b-ball. it was a 2 on 3 and we played until the sun died out. My feet were hurting to death and we played more DDR. That’s just it playing DDR, now i know why people play it so much, and get tired. Finally, I think i can karoke one of the DDR songs, it’s the “So Many Men” song. It’s just so funny, I just know the chorus ” So Many Men / So little time ” thats’ all i remember. Then i get one of those fill in some info e-mails that are ones that you send back. I was about to reply all but it was so small. So then i decided to copy and paste the e-mail addresses and the questions. But then i read the e-mail addresses that were on there. I didn’t even know some of those people, so i decided not to. I don’t like Japanese Anime videos rated pg-13. I saw one at Everett’s house, I think it was “Princess Monokuto”. It was ok, but the guy who shot that person’s hands off was nasty. Well i’ve decided to start good for the new year.

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