WEll today I’m fairly happy about today. I got up and did things as i usually do.

WEll for my first period class, i had Spanish 5-6. WEll since around 11 people were absent our teacher decided to cancel the test because people were all absence. Then while the class was going on after around 15 minutes around 5 people came to class. It was just really funny that the the people came in later.
If i don’t seem to be writing very sound and comprehending it’s because i’m trying to listen to the radio.
Now in my CS (computer science) class, I was able to finish another lesson. But it was kind of weird that i wrote the text file backwards so the computer could never read the program. Then class was over.
In math, i really don’t remember what happened. I just know that i was doing work and since i sit in the front of the class , i just do the homework. I noticed that Jon wasn’t in class. Very interesting. Well Jon we have a test tomorrow up to 5-5 i think.
Then in my next two classes, i had a sub so nothing really fun happened in those classes. Except in my History Class, i think the sub fell asleep while we were working. I love sitting on the side of the class room on the piece of furniture that’s like a counter top.
Then i had Chemistry. We did a cool lab, to see combustion. The iron combustion gave off an unfriendly smell. The magnesium combustion was extremely hot.

Finally, after school, i think Tim Lowe went crazy. I think he had heard enough of me talking with out any straight path. He descibe how i converse like a path. Then there is a circle and i get swung into a different direction. I think that drove him crazy.
Now the most important question i ‘m trying to figure out is if i should play single or mixed double for Badminton. What’s his name told me that i should play mixed , but i don’t want to . So i don’t know what i’ll do.
You know what, i think wrestling is very funny. Because my sister gets mad at me and tries to do some of the submission move on me. She does the sharpshooter on me. But the only problem is that she is too weak to hold my legs up. So she fell down on the inside of my calf. That could have tore my legs.
WEll nthat’s it Andrew

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