I’m back from Utah!

So for thursday evening, friday and saturday. I was out in Park City, Utah getting some training for ebtron equipment. It was mostly a seminar about why their equipment was the best, and how to test it and use it in systems. Then there were some info on how to calculate CO2 in a building and the use of it. =)


So thursday night, we get into Utah around 7pm, and after checking into our hotel we go to have dinner and meet the rest of the people. There were 70 people total at the seminar.



We were eating at this brewery and one of the beers they had there was called “Polygamy Porter”. My co-worker and vendor were trying to convince me to buy the bike jersey they were selling there. But I didn’t think I would ever want to wear that jersey riding around. There slogan is “Why have just one”. Hahahaha. The funniest line was the girl that was working the souvenior store there went, “maybe you will attract that type of girl”. =)


What was interesting was that I saw a friend I had met in college. We were dormmates first two years, then we just went on different concentrations. He went HVAC, I went robotics. We just randomly ran into each other because my vendor had said I worked at Gordon Prill and was from Cal Poly. The other guy recognized my name, so I now have another facebook friend, who might be able to help me on my jobs too.

On friday, they had their 7 hour seminar (which also gave me continuation education credits for LEED. It was pretty interesting when they were talking about CO2 sensors. How those really are used to measure how many people are in a room.

Then I was sad I didn’t pass my Mechanical Engineering PE exam. Which means I have take the test again. =(. Does anyone want ot have a sad party with me? (Which might mean drinking a lot of beers ).


The vendros then treated us all to eat italian food for dinner. I met most of the vendros and some of the ebtron people which was really nice.


Chicken Skewers


Filet Mignon

One thing I’ve learned a lot about construction people is that drinking is a daily part of life. They were at the bar after the seminar before dinner, and then back at the bar after the seminar. It was so funny, because all the guys there were back at their same positions.

There was a pretty funny story at the bar on thursday night. There was an older guy with two ladies drinking at the bar. Must have been pissed drunk, because they started singing and then left. So my co-worker sits in the seat with his beer he just ordered. Then 30 minutes later, there are 2 seats open to our right. However that drunk guy comes back and says to our co-worker, “hey that is my seat”. So my co-worker gets out of the seat. The guy proceeds to calmly sit down and pick up my co-worker’s drink. My co-worker then says “that is my drink”. The guy ignores him and just starts to drink the rest of his beer. The drunk guy He tries to order another beer, but the bartender 86’s him for the night.



Saturday, I went to the greens for the first time. Played 18 holes with the vendors, I didn’t really keep track of my score, but I must have been aroudn 160. Double what a good person would do. Once in a while I would get a good hit, but I am just not consistent. There were 2 clubs that I know how to use, the 9 iron, hybrid. All the other clubs, my shots looked bad.

But those 2, if i had a good hit, it was really pretty.


There were some really nice houses next to us.


Finally, I got back home and met the vagabond cat that loves all the neighbors on the street. I always think the cat is lost, but I guess it is not. This cat is so friendly, it comes up and lets me pet it and rubs its head into my hands.

Okay, good night.

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