Bison Beer + Workout

Man, I don’t know how my co-worker did it. But he got me to drink at least half a pint of beer before going to my workout after work. Like a person who is knowledgeable in beer he didn’t ask the question “how much alcohol % is this beer?”, he thought of which beer would go best with my stomach and not make me feel bad in my stomach. So I got a marmalade triple. Since Bison Brewery is in berkeley, these are “organic beers”. =)


They I went to monkey conditioning class today, it was a boatload of fun. My body was sore from basketball. So I had to warm up for a while, but my body feels os much better arter the workout. There were some stretchs in there that I didn’t even know I could do, but it really stretch my quads a lot.


Finally, I went to safeway and used those smaller karts. All i did was go around and buy a lot of vegetables, and salad. Like the senator Weiner. I”m going to make my body a temple. =P, going to make my apollo’s belt, washboard abs, chiseled chest, and pythons for biceps, and popeye forearms (hahahha, i’ll just go for a little of it). Which means I will have to layoff the candy, (goodbye gummy bears for now). =(

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