i want to be an illusionist

I got this really cool flower to handkerchief magic trick for johnny, but I haven’t had a chance to give it to him. That was the second magic trick i bought behind my special loops. And his trick looks so interesting that I want to open it and use the trick. I think the secret for magic tricks its 50% trick and 50% presentation. Because the trick part is usually done really fast during a time when the audience doesn’t expect it. Then you have to act around, I think if I was an illusionist my stage music would a tossup between “smooth criminal”, “sweet dreams”, or “sharped dressed man”. From all these I would have a really cool dance routine built in to my performance. I’ll have a top hat that is where all the tricks will happen. I’ll be wearing a suit, and i’ll move around and make cards and flowers pop out of my hand like magic. Then I’ll pick up a guitar and start rocking and it turns into something else. I’m dreaming so big, but i need to save money to accumulate my tricks.

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