a twist

That’s what I was doing today with this shaft i was holding from my wagon. I haven’t put it together because I don’t have a crescent wrench and pliers with me. I just have the pliers but I need the cresent wrench to make sure I don’t strip the head of the screw. The people who made this wagon really wanted to make sure that you couldn’t take that nut off because they put niches into the screw so I need to use all my power to twist it in.

I was having a fun time in the lab today because I’m doing so many different labs in there. I see the same people in there everyday. but the nice thing about seeing the same people is that I know them through being around them. So we talk and they give me some interesting information. Some guy was telling me how he had an interview with agilent technologies.And when they say “technical interview” they really meant it. He said they had two people with 2 binders full of problems. He said most companies asked him questions like “what can change the deflection stiffness of a beam”, and he only remembered one type of beam so just said a cantiliever beam PL^3/3eI. And he found the answers based on that. Then he said several other things like if you were casting something, in solidworks you would need to taper all your designs so you could pull it out. Finally, he said if they give you a piece of metal and its light like tin but you don’t know what it is, say “magnesium”.

I have so much fun talking and doing my labs with my lab partners. I’m much more relaxed then Tell, man is he a serious up-tight guy. I don’t worry much about our project because to me, everything seems to be looking well (i’m on the optimisitic side) because I know we will get it done. Tell might think we are going to get screwed (he used an explictive), but I think we are just following down well. Its like tetris, you just have to build up the sides a little and wait for the right long piece to make tetris’s.

For my controls lab, we are doing the two tank. Whats funny is how no one in our class wants to work with the smart person because he’s so smart that if you work with him you won’t learn anything. So the two smartest people in our class work together. Then there is my partner and I, we really don’t know what we are doing, but we get stuff done, sometimes even better then the smart people.

Finally, I got this really cool flower to handkerchief magic trick for johnny, but I haven’t had a chance to give it to him. That was the second magic trick i bought behind my special loops.

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