The Boonies

Wow, I spent a lot of time at the boonies and boomshack yesterday. I drove to boonies after class to start putting the wagon together. It took so much pain and sweat to make it work. The screw has a niche, and it took me around 25 mintues before i got it fully down. I stripped a lot of the sides too. I even had time to play with Johnny. He’s currently learning to play the bass and we played “Words that You Say” by Something like Silas(who renamed themselves future of forestry). It was his choice, and he’s getting better but he’s a little bit off on his beats. So when we play along with the music, I usually make exaggerated movements on my strum whenever I change my notes. That way he can see when to hit the note. Eventually we will be good.

After class, I had to meet another classmate for senior project. He has no time except on fridays to meet, so I’m on campus from 5-7pm then go to AACF. Now comes the really fun stuff. We had prayer night, which was really enjoyable.

After AACF, I was at boomshack and we brought over a lot of equipment. Then Ed, Gary, Kenny, J Loh, and I recorded a song. Haha, for some reason I don’t remember the name of the song because I didn’t see it. But i do remember some of the lyrics to it. I laid down some keyboard tracks. Too bad their song was really light so we didn’t really put down any drums or electric rock out sounds. Gary had 3 mics hooked up to him when he was recording, so when we first listened to the music without any editing you hear an army of Gary’s voices coming in. It sounded really funny because all of a sudden an army of his voices comes in. Anyways, Kenny and I ended up sleeping at around 5am. Since it was really late I slept over at their place.

There was also a really fun game night/ BBQ at one of hte AACF girls house. I don’t like the game of apples to apples anymore because that game breaks my heart because I think I found the perfect word that the chooser would like, and he never seems to like it.

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