rest at home

I went home today after class. So I drove back starting at around 4 and got back around 7:30. I took a little stop by the youth group to see how it was going. They had their harvest fest today, and it was in the scooby doo mystery theme. As I was driving home, I really flew down, I would look down at my speedometer once in a while to see how fast I was going. I think it was because I was playing some heavy trance music to keep me awake and in the zone.

Also. I did get back my vibes test, and boy oh boy. My back is up against a wall now, so I’m going to forgo my video games and put myself in the library, where I want to know vibes so well, that I will have to ace the next exam, in my sleep. Or if I was only half awake, and not knowing what I was doing, I would get the right answer.

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