Honeymoon Nov 10, 2016


*this is a catch up post* So we went on our honeymoon. Let’s see what fun stuff I remember.


So we used the costco package and ended up in rivera maya at Zoetry de paradiso. So here are our pictures. Above is a picture of Sherri and I waiting for our transportation to the resort. While we were standing there, we saw this asian guy that reminded us of our friend Jon Wong.


The weather was extremely nice in mexico. It was around 80 deg the whole entire week we were there with a high humidity. One of my first favorite memories was of us first getting into our room.


Sherri walked in and said “wow, it is so cold in here”. We should turn off the air conditioning, and I told her that we should not do that because it is really hot. Anyways, because it was so cold in the room, sherr decided to wear a sweater and long pants when she walked outside. Smile I told her not to do that, because it was really hot outside.

After she walked outside, she realized I was right, and wore her shorts and t-shirts and dresses for the rest of the time we were there!!



So we went to a restaurant that had very authentic mexican food. So we had a really nice breakfast. The best part of the breakfast was the harpist that was playing in the corner. He played a lot of fun mexican songs, and then when he asked for requests, I ended up asking him to do a lot of songs. He ended up playing some super mario music, and the beatles.


The food was so good, and guacamole seemed abundant, and every meal took 2 hours, because we had a 3 course meal, and the place was that not big, so everything was cooked specifically for us.


We hung out at the beach all day long to enjoy the weather and just being with each other.


One of the things that we did was do a couple’s romantic massage. it was super nice with a lot of pain. Smile They were doing a massage similar to the asian kind where it goes straight to your muscles. Then there was some chocolate and really beautiful smelling candles.


How would I describe the resort. It was a really small resort, I would say it must be at most 90 rooms. Since we went there right before the season started, I think it was only half booked.


They had cool little parrots that just hung out around there, and because it was small all the people working there knew us by name. They would say “hello Mr. Wong’’, and there was the one guy who didn’t know he was racist but said “Konichiwai, my friend”. IMG_20161109_152336

It was an adult only resort, and I saw a wedding during our stay there. They shot off fireworks, and when I went to see who was getting married, I noticed that the couple went to cal poly.


Lunch time pictures, with us swimming in guacamole.



And dessert!

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