Bryan has a really heavy amp, I accidentally slipped on a step and scrapped myself up. It wasn’t cool, but I’m okay, just a little scrap on my shin.

I went to class today at 1:00pm, but then I skipped my ngozi class. Why? because it was too long of a walk to the class. After my thermodynamics class I decided to go with Alby and Kenny to Becca, Queena, Stef, Jenny’s place. They were making funfetti. Which is some cake with melted sprinkles inside it. It was really sweet tasting. Then the girls made some chocolate chip cookies also.
Then I went downstairs to visit the guys from AACF, I’m not sure what they called their place. So I’ll just call it the zone. They were sitting there playing madden.

Now, I’m going to sleep early. Need to wake up early for livemath. Then maybe I might make it to men’s ministry. I’m not sure

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